Making a Connection Between Wellness and the Arts

The ART Well at SNACOur Vision

ARTWELL NETWORK believes in the therapeutic connection between arts and wellness. We engage in a public art practice of creating Enchantments, while nurturing our liaisons with different cultural communities and welcoming all to participation.

Arts and Wellness in Winnipeg

It is important to us that we learn about other arts and wellness organizations and work together to share awareness and new practices. Here in Winnipeg there’s a group working towards development of an Arts & Wellness EcoVillage.

Here’s what they have to say:

We are seeking to establish an eco-village not far from Winnipeg’s urban environment, facilitating personal and environmental wellbeing through the arts and other subsistence pursuits.

Recent research in evolutionary psychology has uncovered that the modern human impulse to consume is hard-wired into our brains partly due to earlier, hunter-gatherer lifestyles. While the impulsive collection of food was key to survival for hunter-gatherers, that same impulse is the root driver of our modern propensity for instant gratification.

Interestingly, the impulsive desire is also said to be satisfied by subsistence-level production and consumption — such as the arts, gardening, and other creative pursuits — making them key to minimizing our built-in environmentally destructive impulses while also providing complete human wellness and fulfillment.

Our goal, therefore, is to replace destructive, impulse-driven forms of productivity often encouraged by urban “environments-of-plenty,” with sustainable, subsistence-level lifestyles that are community-centered, yet provide for personal enrichment.

From artistic experimentation (the production of music, visual art and other media), to agricultural development (reconnecting with the earth and producing natural products via permaculture), or simply intellectual enrichment (providing a space to conduct research in a space ‘away’ and pursuing personal growth by learning/developing new skills), we hope to harness human nature for benefit by actualizing a more wholesome form of “productivity.”